Cardiolens: Remote Physiological Monitoring in a MixedReality Environment

C. Hurter, D. McDuff
Cardiolens: Remote Physiological Monitoring in a Mixed Reality Environment.
SIGGRAPH 2017 Talks, August 2017, Los Angeles, CA, US

Numerous vital signs can be captured through the measurement of blood flow; however,these signals are not visible to the unaided eye and measurement traditionally requires customized contact sensors. We present Cardiolens - a mixed reality application that enables real-timehands-free measurement and visualization of blood flow and vital signs. The system combines a front-facing camera, remote imaging photoplethysmography software and a headsup display allowing users to view the physiological state of a person simply by looking at them. Cardiolens provides the wearer with a newway to understand physiology and has applications in healthcare and affective computing.