Smooth Bundling of Large Streaming and Sequence Graphs

Realtime Edge Bundling

C. Hurter, O. Ersoy, S. I. Fabrikant, T. Klein, A. Telea.
Bundled visualization of dynamic graph and trail data.
in  IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics , Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2013, PP (99)
C. Hurter, O. Ersoy, A. Telea.
Smooth bundling of large streaming and sequence graphs.
PacificVis 2013, 6th IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium , Feb 2013, Sydney, Australia. IEEE, pp 41-48, 2013. Honorable mention PacificVis 2013

Exe and source code available (CPU version, thanks to Oussama Sabra)

Dynamic graphs are increasingly pervasive in modern information systems. However, understanding how a graph changes in time is difficult. We present here two techniques for simplified visualization of dynamic graphs using edge bundles. The first technique uses a recent image-based graph bundling method to create smooth changing
bundles from of streaming graphs. The second technique incorporates additional edge-correspondence data and is thereby suited to visualize discrete graph sequences. We illustrate our methods with examples from real-world large dynamic graph datasets.


Aircraft trajectory evolution over time:

Eye tracker data with and without bundling: