Teaching Interests


My main teaching interest is in Air Transport Economics. It covers a fast-moving industry that is never boring since it rarely stays the same for very long. Airlines are created and disappear, airports are built in new regions, and new airline business models and new trends continually appear. The challenges in the industry are strong and include, for instance, the dependence of aviation on fossil fuels and its impact on global warming.

I am also interested in sustainable growth, and particularly in what economic theory can tell us about what goes right and wrong in markets.

Finally, I am very curious about new teaching methods and new ways of reaching and motivating students: I have participated as a designer and instructor in a MOOC on Pricing and Revenue Management, which is currently the only MOOC offered by ENAC (it is on the platform FutureLearn, here)



  • Air transport economics: introduction to air transport economics, market regulation, airline networks, competition, transport demand
  • Airline pricing and revenue management
  • The economics of sustainable growth