Steve Lawford






Subgraphs and Motifs in a Dynamic Airline Network new

submitted (this version October 2020) (with Marius Agasse-Duval) arxiv:1807.02585


Counting Five-Node Subgraphs new

submitted (this version September 2020) arxiv:2009.11318


Cliques and a New Measure of Clustering: with Application to U.S. Domestic Airlines new

Physica A, 560, 125158 (working paper version August 2020) (with Yll Mehmeti) arxiv:1806.05866


Practical Stochastic Modelling of Electricity Prices

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Python for Unified Research in Econometrics and Statistics

Econometric Reviews, 31(5), 558-591 (March 2012) (with Roseline Bilina)


The Finite-Sample Effects of VAR Dimensions on OLS Bias, OLS Variance, and Minimum MSE Estimators

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Symmetry-Based Inference in an Instrumental Variable Setting

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Risk Premia in Electricity Forward Prices

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Finite-Sample Quantiles of the Jarque-Bera Test

Applied Economics Letters, 12(6), 351-354 (2005)


Optimal Asymmetric Kernels

Economics Letters, 83(1), 61-68 (April 2004) (with Karim Abadir)


Older Manuscripts


Volatility of Electricity Day-Ahead Prices: Evidence from the French Powernext Exchange

(March 2005) (with Spyridon Liarmakopoulos)


A Hypergeometric Test for Omitted Nonlinearity

(April 2003)


Coauthors (15)


Karim Abadir, Marius Agasse-Duval, Paul Bekker, Roseline Bilina, Michel Culot,

Pavel Diko, Alexandre Dossin, Valérie Goffin, Spyridon Liarmakopoulos, Valérie Limpens,

Yll Mehmeti, Seb de Menten, Yves Smeers, Michalis Stamatogiannis, Arthur Thibaud