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This server is dedicated to the building of high-fidelity amplifiers with the highest possible listening quality. It has been set up to share a passion and to help audiophiles willing to construct their systems by themselves.  As the name "the triode gang" shows, we prefer single-ended, pure class A triode amplifiers, since this topology is the one giving the most regular distorsion spectrum at any power level. This does not mean that we do not intend to publish push-pull amplifier (or even solid-state):

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Valve amplifiers (and those with power triodes specially) need high voltage power supplies (from 300V to 3000V) with heavy capacitive loading, what can be extremely dangerous. Dont start the building of the amplifiers described here without a good knowledge of the rules of wiring in high-voltage applications: in case of doubt, contact us. Schema and articles are published in a "as is" basis: neither the authors or the web masters will accept responsability in case of accidents or damages caused by the realisation of a schema published here.