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École Nationale de l’Aviation Civile
7 avenue Edouard Belin
31055 Toulouse Cedex 4
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mail estampes@recherche.enac.fr

Current professional situation

Associate Professor in mathematics at ENAC, Department of Engineering Science for Air Traffic since 09-01-2011
Head of the mathematics subdivision since 09-01-2008


2003 PhD in Applied Statistics at the INPT (“Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse”), Toulouse, France
1999 Master of Science in applied mathematics at the University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France, option statistics

Employment history

Administrative responsibilities

  • Full member of the ENAC’s management board since 2018
  • Full member of the ENAC’s board of studies since 2018
  • Head of the mathematics subdivision of the Department of Engineering Science for Air Traffic since 2008
  • Coordinator “Evaluation Par Contrat de Confiance”, in order to discourage the macabre’s constant since 2006
  • Alternate member of the ENAC’s management board from 2015 to 2018
  • President of the Mathematics and Physic section of the entrance exam to the postgraduate schools (CCP exam) from 2006 to 2012

Continuous training in “MOOC” website

  • Basic principles to deal with “Big data” (June 2016)
  • Exploratory multivariate data analysis (April 2016)

Teaching – Supervising For more details, click here

2011 – … Lecturer at ENAC: 192h teaching per year.
Tea.: Stochastic processes, probability, statistic, measure’s theory.
2005 – 2011 Teacher at ENAC : 6x384h.
Tea.: Probability, statistic, reliability, analysis, geodesy.
2004 – 2005 Lecturer at Agrocampus: 192h.
Tea.: General statistics, linear model, decision support, matrix algebra.
Sup.: 1 personal activity (2 students), 1 project engineer (3 students).
2003 – 2004 Teaching assistant at IUT: 176h; at ENSICA: 24h; at ENSEEIHT: 48h.
Tea.: Analysis, algebra, probability and statistic (IUT), statistic (ENSICA),probability and statistic (ENSEEIHT)
2002 – 2003 Teaching assistant at INPT: 126h.
Tea.: Probability and statistic.
1999 – 2002 Teaching assistant at INPT: 192h.
Tea.: Probabily and statistic.

Research and contract For more details, click here


Research about infinite variance . An important part of this work deals with the dependence measures (correlation coefficient doesn’t exist in the case of infinite variance). We study the case of time series (AR identification) with infinite variance’s residuals.
oct 2001

feb 2002
Contract with STNA in collaboration with IXI society. We develop a software, which calculate the confidence probability after acceptation. A great part of this theory was studied during the first contract.
sept 2000

jan 2001
Contract STNA-IXI . The goal of this contract was to validate a report on equipment’s reliability. In order to do this work, we study the truncated sequential tests.

Projects and internships

janv 1999

juin 1999
Master’s Project, under the supervision of B. Garel, ENSEEIHT (Toulouse): Prediction of the height of the groundwater at Beauce region : theoretical approach and applications.
I used ARCH-GARCH model (which the variance depends on time). The medium term predictions, during two years, are being updated to meet the goal of users.
jul 1998

sept 1998
Internship, under the supervision of L. Bonnal and P. Favard, GREMAQ (Toulouse): Econometrics of time series.
The goal of this internship is to predict the evolution of the groundwater at Beauce region. The used tools, SARIMA model with or without explanatory variables, give good short term predictions.
jan 1998

jun 1998
Internship, under the supervision of P. Besse, LSP (Toulouse): Principal component analysis of noise curves. In order to find the broken step in assembly line of computer chips at MOTOROLA, we have combined two mathematics techniques: B-spline and PCA.

Computer science skills (italic = teaching software)

Mathematics software Maple, Mathematica, Matlab, Scilab
Statistic software E-Views, R, Rats, Sas, Splus
Database software Spad, Statgraphics
Word processing LATEX, OfficeWriter, Scientific Workplace, Word
Presentation software Adobe Acrobat, OfficeImpress, PowerPoint
Web creation WordPress, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Netscape Composer
Languages Python, Fortran, HTML, JavaScript, PHP-SQL
Spreadsheet OfficeCalc, Excel
OS Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac

Language skills

  • English: fluent
  • Germany: basic notions

Additional information

  • President of the ENAC’s Sport Association (ASMAC) and manager of the squash activity since 2011.
  • President of the G-Bil (association which manages the BAL-VS) since 2015