Position at ENAC

Main activities

  • Associate Professor in Probability and Statistic since 2011
  • Head of the mathematics subdivision of the SINA department (Sciences et Ingénierie de la Navigation Aérienne) since 2008

Side activities

  • Full member of the ENAC’s management board since 2018
  • Full member of the ENAC’s board of studies since 2018
  • President of the sports association of ENAC “ASMAC” (Association Sportive Météo et Aviation Civile) since 2011
  • Coordinator “Evaluation Par Contrat de Confiance” since 2006, in order to discourage the macabre’s constant

Teaching mathematics at ENAC

As the head of the mathematics subdivision, I am in charge of the management of the mathematics courses at ENAC.
What about mathematics at ENAC? More than 2200h of teaching, 32 courses, more than 30 contractors and 3 areas (analysis, probability and statistics, optimisation) with a lot of applications in the field of Civil Aviation.

You will find here all of the mathematics courses currently taught.