I am an assistant professor in the Interactive Informatics Team at ENAC (French Civil Aviation University). I have completed my Ph.D. at the in|situ| team at LRI and in the Music Representation group at Ircam. I spent a year at Goldsmiths and a year at Ircam as a postdoc.

My work is in the area of Human-Computer Interaction. I am studying new ways to interact with technologies that allow users to express, develop and evaluate ideas in effective and creative ways. I use participatory design techniques to conduct my work and leverage possibilities from augmented reality, visual programming and auditory feedback.


Projects and Software

This section presents some of my research work and the resulting software. Most of my recent sofware production is available on GitHub.

Where is my Drone? is an augmented reality glasses application to support drones' security pilots. The glasses display status information (battery, vertical speed, orientation...), localization information and the flight plan. This work is done with Nicolas Sapporito and several students (Alexis Letombes, Claire Couzin, Marti Pascual)

o7 is an implementation of the OpenMusic visual programming and computer-aided composition environment, initially developed for research purpose and including a number of improvements in terms of graphical interface, computational possibilities, and connection to external software libraries. I participated in the developpement of the user interface, with a focus on the control of sound spatialization and temporal objects.

Trajectoires is a web application that runs on mobile and desktop for controlling sound spatialization with multiple trajectories. The users can draw, edit, transform and replay trajectories and get audio feedback from any OSC-enabled sound spatialization engine such the Ircam Spat. Development started in 2015 with Xavier Favory.

Polyphony and structured observation: Polyphony is a tool created to study the use of interactive paper during the composition process. We used it to conduct a structured observation study with 12 composers. The study allowed us to observe and compare the composition process during a short and realistic task. The final scores and sound are available here.

PaperComposer is an application that lets composers (or other practitionners) create and use personnal paper interfaces with their existing composition environments. The application uses interactive paper substrates as main paper components to support advanced and personal interactions on paper. The application has been built during my PhD about interactive paper to support music composition. A short web page (in French) summarizes and illustrates my doctoral research.

Bruitomètre is a simple loudness viewer that has been developed for teachers to help children view and control their sound loudness while working. installation and use: Install the Max/MSP runtime application and run the Bruitometre.mxf file. You could use it and distribute it freely. I will appreciate to know how you use it and how it helps you.


I teach Human-Computer Interaction, design techniques and programming courses for undergraduate and graduate students.

@ Master IHM, Toulouse, France since 2016:
@ ENAC, Toulouse, France since 2016:
@ Goldsmiths University, London, UK (2015-2016):
@ Paris-Sud University, Orsay, France (2011, 2015):


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