Strip’TIC: Stripping Tangible Interface for Controllers

Project leaders:
  Christophe Hurter
Rémi Lesbordes

Cheryl Savery, Christophe Hurter, Rémi Lesbordes, Maxime Cordeil, and T.C. Nicholas Graham
When Paper Meets Multi-touch: A Study of Multi-modal Interactions in Air Traffic Controls.
(INTERACT'13)In Proceedings of Interact 2013, pdf

Catherine Letondal, Christophe Hurter, Jean-Luc Vinot, Rémi Lesbordes and Stéphane Conversy
Strip’TIC: designing a paper-based tangible interactive space for air traffic controllers.
In Proceedings of ACM SIGCHI 2013,(CHI 2013) pdf video30s video

Christophe Hurter, Remi Lesbordes, Catherine Letondal, Jean-Luc Vinot and Stephane Conversy.
Strip'TIC: Exploring Automatic Paper Strip for Air Traffic Controllers.
Advanced Visual Interface. AVI 2012. , Advanced Visual Interfaces, Capri, Italy, ACM Press. pdf video

Christophe Hurter, Paul Edouard, Vincent Gaits, Hasna Nadfaoui, Jérôme Pailler, Catherine Letondal, Stéphane Conversy.
Etude exploratoire du stylo électronique pour le Contrôle Aérien.
Dans : Interaction Homme-Machine (IHM 2011), Nice, 24/10/2011-27/10/2011, ACM, octobre 2011. pdf



The current environment used by French air traffic controllers mixes digital visualization such as radar screens and tangible artifacts such as paper strips. Tangible artifacts do not allow controllers to update the system with the instructions they give to pilots. Previous attempts at replacing them in France failed to prove efficient. This paper is an engineering paper that describes Strip'TIC, a novel system for ATC that mixes augmented paper and digital pen, vision-based tracking and augmented rear and front projection. The system is now working and has enabled us to run workshops with actual controllers to study the role of writing and tangibility in ATC. We describe the system and solutions to technical challenges due to mixing competing technologies.


Unit StripBoard

Implemented features (videos):

Pan and Zoom Handwriting Distance Computation
Flight Integration Aircraft Selection Beacon Selection
Sector Splitting Strip Holder Color Emergency
Air Field Information Open/Close runway