Stéphane Conversy

Professor of Computer Science and Human-Computer Interaction
Head of Interactive Informatics Team
Co-Director of MSc Computer Science - HCI
ENAC-LII & Université de Toulouse, France


My interest is in Human-Computer Interaction and Computer Science. I strongly believe that HCI is at the root of many problems of Computer Science, including programming. In fact, I think that Computer Science is the science of controlled, automatic transformations, from data to perception. As a researcher, I tend to favor iconoclast ideas that shake established concepts to their roots.

I teach Participatory Design (in particular in the Master IHM), and I strongly believe that success pertains to good communication inside teams, with well-defined problems, and well-crafted solutions, implying all stake-holders. I apply this mantra with the researchers I lead in my team, and during the projects I am invovled in.

Selected Experience

2016—present Professor ENAC-LII & Université Fédérale de Toulouse, France
2013—2015 Associate Professor ENAC-LII & IRIT-ICS & Université de Toulouse, France
2003—2013 Assistant Professor ENAC-LII & IRIT-ICS & Université de Toulouse, France
2001—2003 Post-Doc In-Situ, Université de Paris-Sud & INRIA
2000—2001 Post-Doc Ecole des Mines de Nantes, France


2013 HDR Informatics Université de Toulouse
2000 PhD Computer Science Université de Paris-Sud
1995 MSc Computer Science Université de Paris-Sud

Selected Publications

mea 2017 first conventional electric helicopter embedded interactive systems for vertical flight awesomeness
acm uist 2015 measuring latency optical mouse as a latency sensor
acm splash 2014 unifying textual and visual semiology of graphics & programming languages
acm chi 2013 coherent tangible interaction augmented reality for ATC
acm chi 2012 interaction with multiple objects extending the scope of interaction
ieee vl/hcc 2011
ifip eis 2007
MDPC: Model (Display|Picking) view Controller improving modularity of interactive software
acm cscw 2011 TableTop for ATC supporting highly collaborative activities
sage IV journal
acm beliv 2010
ScanVis descriptive model of visual scanning
acm eics 2011
ifip dsvis 2008
Graphics Compile Chain describing and compiling graphical interaction
ieee infovis 2009 FromDaDy interactive visualization with millions of items
ifip interact 2007 Animations assessing animation effectiveness in GUIs
acm chi 2003 Technology Probes new inquiry and design methods
acm chi 2003 Expanding Targets fitts' law and human control-loop understanding

Selected Lectures & Skills

Other Skills

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